How Much is Crossfit?

How does our price stack up against globo gyms?

If this is your first time looking at Crossfit membership cost, it could look expensive if you are also considering a globo gym (24hr Fitness, Planet Fitness, LA Fitness).  When considering what has the best value, you must look at your goals and the reason you want to join a gym.  You are paying for results.  Results for you may be fat loss, increased endurance, Strength training, etc.  If you go to a globe gym you will have lots of shiny equipment, large facilities, and very limited results with no personal attention.  At Crossfit Upgrade Costa Mesa, you will may have amazing results, the necessary equipment, facilities designed for your success, and a group of coaches always there to help and guide you.  You will take part in group training classes with a highly qualified and certified trainer making sure you are making improvements every class.  You will feel like part of a family that cares about you and wants you to succeed.  

Unlimited Classes

Month to Month $200 per month

3 Month Contract $180 per month

6 Month Contract $160 per month

Burner Class Only

Includes the 30 minute burner classes only.  No access to any other programs

$100 per month

Student Prices

Includes access to all current programs

$135 per month

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